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Hair Styles

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Nicole Richie hairstyle no. 1

Whether it's the high life or the 'Simple Life', Nicole Richie always attracts attention. Her stunning
look features multi-toned color effects, gorgeous layers and choppy bangs.

Nicole Richie hairstyle no. 2

A creative messy style with the bangs swept to one side. This style is great for hiding a high
forehead and the top is softly layered to enhance a gentle wave.

Nicole Richie hairstyle no. 3

This is a new and improved look for Nicole. Cutting her hair to shoulder level adds shape around her face and the short angled layers that are cut throughout enhance the wave. The lovely honey blonde color featured in this style will give color to any complexion.

Nicole Richie hairstyle no. 4

This funky design looks great on the slinky Nicole. The hair is cut into a bob style on the length and soft face framing layers are added at the front for shape and definition. Long side swept bangs are cut to blend in with this cool look.

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One Unidentified Tattoo
In some pictures, you can see a tattoo on the inner side of Richie's right wrist, but it's unclear what the image is.

Angel Wings on Her Back
Further to the "good Christian girl" image that Nicole may be trying to portray (contrasting her
rocker, bad girl appearance that shows up in the tabloids from time to time), the young socialite has a pair of angel wings found on her shoulder blades. They are both quite small -- about three or four inches in length -- and appear to be colored in orange or faded red. Some may say that these are "Indian Summer" colors.

Rosary on Her Ankle and Foot
Probably her most popular tattoo, inspiring young girls across the nation, the rosary tattoo on Nicole's left ankle and foot affirms her religious background, though most people wouldn't exactly point out Richie as the ideal Christian. The rosary beads encircle her ankle, with the Christian cross seen going over the top of her foot, getting about halfway to her toes. The cross is particularly well detailed.

"Richie" and a Ribbon on Her Neck
On the back of her neck, Nicole Richie has her last name -- "Richie" -- in an old English font. Above that is a red bow and ribbon, which is sometimes hidden by her blonde hair. Perhaps she is saying that she is a "gift."

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